Horizontes Playa Larga

Playa Larga, Península de Zapata Km 32,
Matanzas, Cuba.

Located in the privileged area of Pigs Bay in Matanzas, in one of the most beautiful beaches of the South coast of Cuba; this hotel is surrounded by an exuberant flora and fauna, full of endemic species that attract hundreds of ecological tourists every year. It is a very quiet place, suitable for elder clients. There are conditions for day and night diving.

  • Day and night entertainment

  • Sports area

  • Pool

  • Nautical spot

  • Stores

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Street View

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  • Air conditioning

  • Safe

  • Telephone

Places of Interest

Caleta Buena

Extra hotel accommodation located southeast of Playa Girón, is a cove with good conditions for a day at the beach and the practice of snorkeling and diving. It has the El Pirata International Diving Center. Calata Buena also has a facility that offers lunch and an open bar.

Chorro de Maita y Aldea Taina

The largest archaeological center in Cuba, it is the first aboriginal cemetery considered the largest in the Caribbean, it offers extensive archaeological evidence of the presence of Indian pottery farmers in the east of the country, but there the transculturation is notorious. Chorro de Maíta was declared a National Monument in 1991, it is a meeting place for new generations with archeology and the customs and traditions inherited from our ancestors.

Criadero del Cocodrilo

The largest crocodile hatchery in the Cuban territory is located in the Laguna del Tesoro in the Ciénaga de Zapata. Since 2007, it has been a project aimed at the preservation of the Cuban crocodile. The program, in which specialists from various research centers of the island collaborate. In the midst of complex natural conditions, fishermen and crocodile breeders make their work a monument to simplicity and dedication.

Museo Playa Giron

The museum located in the Playa Girón tourist perimeter, shows in detail the Cuban battle against mercenary troops, in a simple building, like these places, but full of experiences and tributes. Because of its enormous significance in the History of Cuba, on October 10, 1978, Playa Girón -with its Museum- was declared a National Monument.

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