In Cuba you will find diverse and exuberant places with beautiful landscapes and awesome values for eco-tourism. You will have the possibility to know Reserves of the Biospheres, Natural Landscapes, National Parks, Ecological Reserves, World Heritages, etc. There are more than 300 protected areas that occupy the 22 percent of the national territory. Some of these places are considered the favourites for nature lovers. The wealth of Cuban flora is perceived in more than 7 000 reported species with a highly marked endemism and an extraordinarily abundant and diverse fauna, with more than 14 000 species.

In Cuba aren’t dangerous animals for man's life and prevail the dwarfism in the species, standing out the smallest frog in the world, the tiniest bat as well as different species of the gender of Polymita considered the most beautiful terrestrial molluscs. Among the most special areas there are the Valley of Viñales declared by the UNESCO Natural Cultural Landscape and categorized as Natural National Monument, the town of Soroa located inside the Rosario's Sierra, Reserve of the Biosphere, the National Park Península of Zapata, Landing of Granma and Turquino, among other places of renowned charm.

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